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They put you spark out for about 4 hours and you cannot remember anything afterwards" I said ' Are they safe' ? They are strong but not long lasting, so if we give Elaine some, we can have some fun and she will come round a bit groggy,but none the wiser.' Lenny's face sort of changed to a leering expression and almost to himself said ' I will be able to give Elaine a good,slippery,seeing to. I was excited and said ' This sounds really good Lenny but are you sure it works ' ? My wife was completely sparko while they took a tissue sample from her stomach.

I then usually got Elaine to bed to sleep the night off.

I told Lenny this and he said ' Perfect lets work towards next Saturday then.

We will crush a few of these tablets and you get Elaine to have another drink when she gets in from her night out. I knew Elaine had a night out planned with her friends for a leaving party the weekend after next.

He said he was an ex merchant seam an and enjoyed his grog.

He poured a good measure into each coffee and we drank it. Lenny said his previous wife was his 4th and had left 2 years before.

One morning Lenny said " You know that fire escape down the back.

It goes right past your bedroom window." I nodded . Then at the usual time Elaine got up and said " Off for my shower Darling.

I said ' I wish you could Len, but she would not go with other men". He said ' I have been thinking about what we talked about. If she starts drinking, she drinks like a fish, but sometimes goes a long time without drinking at all". He reached to a table and picked up a brown bottle and said "These are some tablets my wife had.