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This was the best girl I'd ever met on an online date and I was on the worst form of my life.

Love itself might be blind but through a combination of improved technology and sophisticated databases, the world's online dating brands are claiming they can bring well-matched, romantic pairings into sharp focus.

As people grow more comfortable with sharing information about themselves online, having become familiar with the process on social networks such as Facebook, dating websites are set to accumulate more information than ever on their users.

Some sites will choose to use the data to directly match their users with each other based on their personality traits, interests or attitudes.

When she swore, it was somehow simultaneously earthy and elegant. My best anecdote was about how I was so drunk the previous evening that I'd walked into a shop.

Although maybe it would be quite cool if she had three eyes, I was wondering to myself as I clocked a two-eyed brunette reading a book beside at our meeting spot.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that her real life self was quite close to the version I'd seen in her profile.

It's more simple than that: it's because I don't believe the girl of my dreams is on there.