Start Wink alert dating personals

Wink alert dating personals

I think they must like my pictures or perhaps something I have written in my profile that they agree with.

They only learn later that it's akin to ringing someone's doorbell, and then running off. Most the forum regulars have each other on favorites so we know when we are online as we message each other all the time. Glad to help remove another POF mystery for all the newbies here. Any guys that are not responding to gals that add them to favs if you like their profile should be spanked. Well if she added ya to her favs she has already shown interest and your chances are FAR FAR better if you were to write her then just blindly picking a profile off here.

Most every other dating site has a way to send a "wink" or a "flirt" or something to let the other person know you have an interest in them and check out their profile. So many use adding ya to favorites as a way to send a "wink" to let ya know they are interested. I mean how hard was that and what can it hurt right? Average guys on this site are getting a couple replies per HUNDRED messages and after awhile they honestly just quit trying. If he adds ya and you like his profile add him to your favs also so he knows your interested... Ya don't have to actually write the guy back if you don't want to.. Its a subtle way to show interest and see if the other person has any interest back.

If ya like their profile also send, consider sending a 2 line message back just saying "hey I saw you added me to your fav's. Many resort to just sending ya a wink by adding ya to favorites. All you had to probably do to get that guy to talk to you was smile and wink back at him. I have hundreds and hundreds of people on my favs over the years and I am also on hundreds of other peoples all around the world.

If few don't like to be on my favorites, one OP told us , all they have to do is "delete."IMO, if your a guy and your interested in a woman, just write her a note.

I'll bet that the woman knew THAT trick, and was stopping them from favoriting her again.

Learn something new and useful every few minutes here. They don't even send me any messages they just add me to there favorite...

But I dont really care if it make him happy by adding me to his favorite be my guess......:) I guess I'm just a nice person because If I dont want them to add me on there favorite all I do is click remove and I'm gone ha ha ha... I have few that I never send a message yet, I have to read the profile first, and get what they are after.