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c) post the name of your device here, maybe with an email address, and see if anyone can help.

thank's If you have one of the ever popular broadcom bluetooth devices you'll usually get a message prompting you to "update bluetooth peripheral device".

This is the problem we face most often from our visitors and why we researched it to begin with.

And if this is what we want, Bluetooth technology is a very likely candidate for making it happen.

However, there's another key technology that will likely work with Bluetooth to make it safe and convenient: voice recognition software.

As long as the devices remain within about 10 meters of one another, the headset and the mouse will work nicely without any obnoxious wires getting in your way.

For drivers, Bluetooth could be a saviour, especially if teamed up with voice recognition technology.

it shows me that the local area connection 7 is having a hardware or software related problem so im not able to use internet anymore.. Sir I have a heavy license of Sharjah and still Trailer driving there with 8 years experience.

so it will be my heartiest thankfull to u if u will suggest me some ideas regarding my Internet problem. 9093A1119550 HCL leaptop 38 and m using win7.m highly disappointed bcz neither webcam is working nor bluetooth is working. I want to get Canadian driving visa but I don't know English. Radhay, Try running our free scan (you only need to register if you want to get the automatic driver updates) - this should give you more details on the missing drivers and if they are available - it's one of the biggest driver databases available so you should be able to find it here ...

It's also safer in terms of viruses, security, etc.

its good Another interesting twist is that 'voice biometrics' can be an effective way to determine who's driving the vehicle.

Hi Katherine - we recommend this software - it is expert recommended and will update all necessary drivers - the customer support is great if you need any help hi i have a zippys bluetooth antenna USB device. Could you pls suggest me the path to free download drivers for the same.