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Validating xml parser c

The data may be exchanged in the form of application files in XML format, or over network connections that exist only for a moment before being discarded at the conclusion of an online transaction or at the close of a network connection.

The most common open-source licenses are Apache, GPL, BSD, and LGPL.

Including GPL code in a commercial package is not permitted, whereas Apache and LGPL code can be used in software that is sold.

We'll confront XML library issues like validation, schemas, and API models.

All of the other tools have noncommercial licenses that require no fee for use, but if you're using them in commercial projects, make sure that your intended use complies with the terms of the license.

To incorporate XML in your own software projects, you're going to want to have two sets of tools in your bag of tricks.

The first set is a dialect designer (or more properly "schema designer").

(An incorrect schema won't help when you try to use it later to validate your XML data.) Nowadays, most programmers' text editors -- particularly the ones found in IDEs -- have decent macro and template support for features like syntax highlighting and autocompletion of a partially typed word or phrase.