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The county approved a similar facility two years ago, but the University of Virginia Foundation has since changed its plans and is proposing a new location nearby.

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The Planning Commission will discuss the proposal at a work session July 25 and hold a public hearing Aug. “The purpose of this meeting is really a fact-finding opportunity to come look at the site and get a little bit better understanding of the proposal,” David Benish, the county’s chief of planning, told the gathered officials.

The original indoor golf facility would have been located southeast of the mansion and have an access road connecting to Golf Course Drive.

This change will ultimately require the approval of Supervisors.

No decisions were made about the proposal at Tuesday’s site visit.

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The foundation — which manages real estate for UVa — is hoping to build a 12,000 to 13,000 square foot two-story golf facility on the property that would include eight indoor hitting bays, as well as locker rooms, lounges, meeting space and coaches’ offices.