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2.1 These Conditions of Carriage apply to the Carriage of all Vehicles and their Passengers, Commercial Goods and Personal Belongings on Shuttles.2.2 Carriage on Shuttles is subject to all applicable Regulations issued by Competent Authorities and all terms and conditions of sale to which any Ticket is subject.

4.2 Customers must ensure that: 4.2.1 Vehicles are safe for Carriage and secure during Carriage; 4.2.2 heaters, electrical units and devices and gas equipment are switched off and aerials are retracted; 4.2.3 Vehicles, Commercial Goods and Personal Belongings are free from infestation of any description and from contamination from any cause whatever; 4.2.4 Personal Belongings and Commercial Goods are properly loaded and secured; 4.2.5 Passengers are fit to travel on a Shuttle; 4.2.6 they take all reasonable steps not to impair the health and safety of other Passengers and Eurotunnel personnel on Eurotunnel’s terminals and Shuttles.

4.3 Passengers confirm that they have full knowledge of the contents of their Vehicle, any Commercial Goods and Personal Belongings.4.4 Passengers shall: 4.4.1 comply with any checks, inspections and searches of their person, Vehicles, Commercial Goods and Personal Belongings ; 4.4.2 answer any questions and provide to Eurotunnel, Customs, Police or security personnel such information as they consider in their sole discretion to be necessary or desirable to ensure the safety, security, efficiency and regular operation of Carriage; 4.4.3 comply with all Regulations and instructions given by Eurotunnel personnel.

6.1 The Carriage of Dangerous Goods, hazardous goods and hazardous articles, is subject to the provisions Eurotunnel’s policy for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods available at Exclusions and restrictions: 6.2.1 on passenger Shuttles: the Carriage of Dangerous Goods is not permitted.

The Ticket is not a consignment note.2.3 Commercial Vehicles are only permitted on freight Shuttles.

Subject to availability and compliance with the particular terms and conditions relating to the Vehicle, Commercial Vans and coaches are permitted on passenger Shuttles.

The Carriage of hazardous goods and hazardous articles is restricted.

6.2.2 on freight Shuttles: the Carriage of Dangerous Goods is restricted and conditional upon prior declaration as described in the above-mentioned policy.

If your vehicle is fitted with such a container, you must declare this when asked.