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Stripper text sex chat

My husband is going on a stag do soon and after a bit of snooping around in his emails (naughty i know) i have found out that the boys on the trip are planning a night out, on a boat with strippers!

They do this stuff day in, day out, why the hell would they want to take it any further.

In fact, I think you ladies should DARE your OH's to try and touch a stripper Personally no.

I would hate it, and what i would do well i don't really know. For my hen i want a nice relaxing weekend at a spa or something, no men touching me when im about to spend the rest of my life with someone.

My OH went on his Stag to Dublin with his brother and I didnt even mention anything abiout strippers to him as I assumed that he would know how much it would upset me. I found out through his brothers daily updates as to what he was getting up to and I have to say I was devastated.