Start Sql server updating a master database

Sql server updating a master database

Regardless of your branch or patch level, be sure to check out this CSS blog post and KB #2964518 : Recommended updates and configuration options for SQL Server 2012 / 2014, which is full of useful advice.

⚠This critical on-demand hotfix addresses three issues: (1) linked server errors; (2) out of memory errors; and, (3) access violations when using TDE or BPE.

⚠This critical on-demand hotfix addressed two primary issues (and 11 others): (1) CU1 was not capable of slipstream, and (2) SSAS was not properly targeted for CU1 updates.

Recommendation: Apply the latest Cumulative Update above.

The official Knowledge Base article for SP2 is KB #3171021, and you can download the service pack here and the updated feature pack here.

I'm currently trying to determine if this fix is in SP2 yet.⚠ This Cumulative Update includes a fix that is currently not mentioned in the list of fixes (but that should be rectified soon): KB #3166902 : FIX: logs are missing after multiple failovers in a SQL Server 2014 failover cluster. ⚠ This Cumulative Update has 44 fixes, most importantly this fix for corruption after dropping columns and a fix for the NOLOCK regression introduced in the original CU6 release (see KB #3167394 for more details).

It also introduces the ability to update multiple statistics on the same table at the same time (see KB #3156157).

One of the more important fixes is one that involves partial (and thus incorrect) results from a clustered columnstore index with a corrupted rowgroup (more gory details in this blog post and KB #3067257).