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Certain cultures facilitated this bonding with some form of a wedding ceremony.

Genders (or sexes) were a type of biological variation between different members of the species.

They were key to sexual reproduction, the creation of offspring.

King initially refuses Riggs’ offer, but the pressure soon mounts.

King realizes that she must either beat Riggs or set women’s tennis back decades.

In its focus on King, though, the film offers a compelling internal story, demonstrating that athletic achievement isn't only a matter of physical gifts.

At the highest levels, where the pressure is greatest, it really comes down to character.

For a young celebrity already challenging the establishment and generating controversy, coming out as a gay was hardly an option.

All this is dramatized expertly and with a lightness of touch in Simon Beaufoy’s screenplay and in the direction of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the team behind “Little Miss Sunshine.” Dayton and Faris re-create the era: the hair, the cars, the clothes, the music.

To add pressure, King also was realizing that she was a lesbian, something she understandably wanted to conceal from her husband and emphatically needed to conceal from the public.

This was an era in which “women’s lib” was itself a contentious subject.

In many humanoid species, this involved a combination of two or more individuals' genetic material.