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Rob kearney dating

This is the happiest I have ever been and it feels damn good to say “I love you” and really feel it. That's what matters in life.” Kearney is currently in grad school studying for a Masters Degree in advanced athletic training.

“I have been contacted by numerous World's Strongest Man competitors expressing their support for me.”“I hope people realize that being gay doesn't change the athlete/person I am,” he concluded.

“I am still the second strongest 105kg Professional Strongman in America and I am still the same Rob Kearney they knew before this news.

Rob Kearney’s model girlfriend Jess Redden is putting her fitness to the test as she has signed up for an intense triathlon.

The 22-year-old has been dating the Irish rugby star since 2014, and is set to show off that she’s not the only fitness fanatic in their relationship – as she has started training for a triathlon.

The model, who recently signed with the Andrea Roche Agency, previously revealed that she hasn’t had much time for modelling jobs as she is busy working her way up to become a full-time pharmacist.

Rob Kearney – the world’s second strongest man – has become an inspirational figure to many in the macho weight lifting scene after he came out as gay for the first time.“My #mcm goes to this guy, my boyfriend, Joey Aleixo!

While Rob prepares for his next Six Nations match, Jess will be training to swim, cycle and kayak across Wicklow at the of April.