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Review okcupid dating website

You will still show in other peoples’ searches if you’re not a paying member – you simply won’t appear right at the top of the options.

There are restrictions on Quick Match (see below), however the free services are more than adequate.

The only problem was the question answering turned out to be the highlight of the site! Some of the ads (a necessity unfortunately on a free site), are frustrating, and the front page of the website seems to have a lot going on, but all the necessary things are there.

There are various suggestion boxes – Suggested matches, Recent Activity – which pop up, in a hope of highlighting your options, however I found it all a bit busy, and preferred using the app.

Ease of Set-Up – 8/10 Set up is a little more lengthy than some of the other sites, however the questions are genuinely really interesting a fun to answer.

I’d much rather sit down and consider my preferred answer to a question than write a lengthy profile about myself.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear anywhere near as popular as other apps and sites in the London area, which is it’s downfall.

In my month using the site, I didn’t come across even one guy I wanted to strike up a conversation with, and most of the guys contacting me had absolutely nothing in common with me, rendering all the detailed questions and match algorithms on the site completely redundant.

It also means, if you’re a non-paying member, the app is constantly updating you that someone has selected you on Quick Match, but can’t tell you who.