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Sandro Chia and Giuseppe Spagnulo, with the works of already recognised, talented young artists such as Daniele Nitti Sotres, Antonella Zazzera and Enzo Castagno, while also continuing to present promising artists whose talent has still to be discovered.

May to September), the first museum belonging to the foundation Harry Recanati from a total of 5 in the world (the latter was founded in 2007 in Caesarea, Israel) This version of the Uruguayan Ralli Museum houses the largest collection of contemporary Latin American artists, although there are also rooms dedicated to European artists.a settembre), il primo museo appartenente alla fondazione Harry Recanati da un totale di 5 nel mondo (quest'ultimo è stato fondato nel 2007 a Caesarea, Israele) Questa versione del Museo Ralli uruguaiano ospita la più grande collezione di artisti contemporanei latino-americani, anche se ci sono anche sale dedicate ad artisti europei.

Il department store a stelle e strisce da 460 milioni di dollari (circa 360 milioni di euro) di ricavi stimati (Barneys non ha mai reso noti i propri dati di bilancio), rilevato lo scorso maggio dal fondo americano Perry capital attraverso un’operazione di debt-for-equity swap che ha consentito di abbattere l’indebitamento di circa 500 milioni di dollari e ripristinare la flessibilità finanziaria del gruppo, marcia deciso verso il rafforzamento del proprio business, attraverso il rinnovo completo dei flagship store principali, con un’operazione di redesign degli spazi The department store in stars and stripes of $ 460 million (approximately € 360 million) in revenues estimated (Barneys has never unveiled its budget figures), recorded in May by the American fund Perry capital through operation of debt-for-equity swap that has allowed us to bring down the debt by approximately $ 500 million and restore the financial flexibility of the group, decided to march towards the strengthening of its business through a complete renovation of the main flagship store, with an redesign of the space that Relativamente alle spese di sviluppo, i nuovi progetti capitalizzati nel corso del 2011 si riferiscono principalmente ai nuovi motori per moto Aprilia e Moto Guzzi, ai nuovi motori a bassa emissione 3V per i nuovi scooter, alle nuove moto Tuono 1000,amicizia in piscina, o trascorrevano notti romantiche in accoglienti bungalow privati, mentre i colossi degli studi cinematografici e i finanzieri di Wall Street piazzavano scommesse nella Polo Lounge.

Hundreds of internet dating and social networking executives, marketing / advertising firms, venture capitalists, affiliate managers, payment processors, background search companies, affiliates and portal webmasters were in attendance.

Click If you've never been to our events before, you will learn a lot about this industry while at the same time make a lot of friends in the business.

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in 2003: the successful Beverly 200 and X9 500, which are still the protagonists of their respective segments, 150-200 cc and over 250 cc, have been joined by two successful vehicles, the Vespa Granturismo and the Beverly 500 (the second biggest in its first year of life); in addition to these two products, the period between October and December 2003 saw the launch of the Nexus 500, a high tech Gilera scooter, and the X8, heir to the Hexagon, the well-known compact Piaggio GT (Grand Tourism) model.