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Nichole cordova dating danny fernandez

Todd, Christopher, born 22 June 1976, died 19 November 1998 in Waco, Texas Our Remembrance this is my first born, my quiet child. For you were unique, Like no one who has gone before, or will come after.

He is missed by ever friend and every member of family. Corocran, Brittany, born 29 March 1998, died 24 March 2016 in Tea, South Dakota Our Remembrance Brittany "The Ninja" Corcoran was the All American girl with the world open in front of her.

She was an amazing daughter, friend, athlete, student, and person.

Life has been so hard for everyone trying to figure out how to go on without you and why you did it. Bailey, Sean, born 28 September 1997, died 28 October 2014 in Kingston Upon Hull, United Kingdom Our Remembrance My son Sean took his life away from me ,his dad his sisters nina and beth his brother David and nieces Lilly and millie Bieber, Michael Robert, born 16 July 1948, died 26 April 2007 in Dallas, Texas USAOur Remembrance Michael, I never dreamed you'd choose to leave. I wish now that the flowers had came in life instead :'( Her favorite quote "Take the good, Leave behind the bad, and accept the ugly (of life)" ~Zully Pantlin, Donald John, born , died 16 January 2012 in Minnesota, USAOur Remembrance I love you daddy. Rehring, Rebeccca, born , died 15 February 2012 in Chattanooga, Tennessee Our Remembrance my beautiful amazing mother..

I hope you find peace in your next life we will always love and cherish you!!!

Guerrero, Sarah, born 21 October 1989, died 15 November 2006 in Minnesota Our Remembrance My beautiful baby girl, behind that beautiful smile was a sadness that you masked so well, you are no longer sad, and we miss you so much. Fernandez, Rafael Caceres, born 27 June 1986, died 10 October 2014 in Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance Beautiful person with the most amazing smile. I miss you every second of my life, I feel like a huge piece of me is missing. I will miss when you kissed my forehead and said " I love you gorilla" I will never hold one of your kids in my arms, I will never see you get married.

Rafy I miss you and love you so much, the kids miss uncle Rafy, you were best person, you were my person.

She gave so much of herself to others, always loving, supporting, and laughing along the way.