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Although I have built a very successful business, my mind still keeps me busy with negative settings. GS Rebbetzin Feige responds: Dear reader, All of our life's experience, the way we see ourselves and the way we see others, is a product of our own thinking.

Kenyon competed in the full schedule at the Indianapolis Speedrome in 2005 against his son.

Consider the fact that all of us have better days and worse days, times when life feels heavy and oppressive and alternatively periods when we are in good cheer. For the most part, the disparity in feeling and mood can be traced to nothing more than a state of mind -- our thoughts -- a shift in the kaleidoscope.

My father, of blessed memory, was fond of interpreting the verse in our morning prayers that thanks God for "renewing the acts of creation daily" in the following way.

-- the myriad of external forces and circumstances that we are convinced shape the person that we are today.