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Michael oher dating collins

Big Tony chose Briarcrest for two reasons – firstly, he vaguely knew the basketball coach.

‘Everybody, including me, is afraid of her.’ Leigh Anne – the daughter of a US marshal so racist that he pulled her out of her school when African American children were allowed to enrol in 1973 – leads me through a dining room with leopard-print chairs to an elegant sitting room that looks out over a turquoise swimming pool. ‘He ruined my $10,000 couch,’ Leigh Anne says, laughing.

The contrast with Hurt Village – where Michael spent his early years – could not be more acute.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and snow was beginning to fall as Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband, Sean, drove down Shady Grove Road towards their home, a beautiful neoclassical house in one of the smartest residential areas of Memphis.

‘I was surprised because I knew the school was shut for the Thanksgiving holiday,’ says Leigh Anne, sitting in the living room of her home in front of a roaring fire.

We gave him an environment so that he could become who he was supposed to be.’ When Leigh Anne opens the door to her house in this peaceful Memphis cul-de-sac, she has perfectly highlighted hair, heavy make-up, lots of jewellery and is dressed in a purple polo neck (purple is the Ravens’ team colour) with black trousers and spike-heeled black boots. But the appearance is misleading: it does not take long in her company to realise that she is a tough, intelligent woman who does not – as she bluntly puts it – give a ‘rat’s a---’ what anyone else thinks of her.

‘Leigh Anne eliminates the grey areas in life,’ says Sean, who made his fortune through the 80 fast food restaurants he owns, including the local Taco Bell franchise.

It takes me two days to persuade anyone to take me there.

The first taxi driver I ask tells me it doesn’t matter how much I offer to pay him, he is not driving me there: ‘They’ll kill us both and take everything we have, even our shoes.’ Leigh Anne tells me her daughter will drive me through the area but we are on no account to get out of the car.

The chances of someone who grew up in this wasteland ever making anything of their lives are negligible.

Most young African American males in this area end up either in jail or the morgue.

Collins, an equally glamorous 23-year-old who drives a silver SUV with ‘Ole Miss’ on the number plate, is game.