Start Leftist dating site

Leftist dating site

And if you're into La Rouche, your best bet is finding a date in Larouche, Quebec.

Those days are far in the past, however, as there is now a specialized dating site for you no matter your political identity. What prompted this article was a post at the Daily Dot, noting a new entrant to the field.

Tweakthe Reaper, who loves "patterns, rational thinking, and self sufficiency." Or freejaymz, who is "generally a really good guy" and also "not bad looking." (In many ways, politically specific dating profiles share the flaws of other dating profiles.) We can start working our way back from right to left, at this point. It appears to be of the Mad-Lib, not-sure-if-this-is-where-I-want-to-enter-my-credit-card variety. (Googled "lover in Latin" in order to sound smart.) Why the National Rifle Association doesn't have a dating site is not clear.

But there's Gun Lover Passions (part of the "Passions Network") and the gun lovers dating community at Kwink: "Have fun messaging, sharing photos and hooking up for a date on the range.

The site itself focuses on the books, not the philosophy.