Start Lack of dating in college

Lack of dating in college

82 percent stated that they were okay with casual hookup partners and 95 percent felt that it was easier to talk to a possible partner when drunk.

We need to stop relying on “likes” and “matches” as a fuel for our self-esteem.

Find passions that make you feel whole outside of a screen and engage in activities with like-minded groups of people that make you feel great as you are. Maybe to a movie, with just you two) instead of taking shots together in a crowded bar.

We as a generation can do better when it comes to love, dating, and our own self happiness.

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Out of all surveyed, 95 percent said that their ideal situation in the future was a lifelong, committed relationship.

While these statistics do show that us millennials are not as commitment-phobic as many claim, we have other flaws that need fixing.

The best relationships start as friendships, out of respect and trust, not over a Snapchat conversation. If you keep coming up short with the same types of partners, try changing up your environment.