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Justin dating kristen

If you’ve been worried that Justin Bieber is reeling from the news that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd “like each other’s personalities,” then you can finally sleep easy, because the male-crop-top aficionado has reportedly moved on with actress Hailee Steinfeld.

“That looks like a woman…I’m sorry, I keep thinking, ‘Is that Kristen Stewart? “There’s earrings…does it not look like Kristen Stewart?

Ever since Justin Bieber rose to fame in 2008, the heartthrob singer has been romantically linked to many of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

While Selena Gomez is probably his most famous romance, she certainly isn’t his only one!

“Justin still needs to win her family over and he realizes it will take some time.

But he very much feels he is a different person.” 50 pictures inside of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez going to church…

The pair were set up by hip pastor Carl Lentz, as they both attend his church, which has been described as “Arcade Fire — it’s epic like that.” Rumors that the star and basketball enthusiast were dating began to swirl when Bieber was photographed last month mid-Face Time with Steinfeld.

And most recently, Bieber reportedly “met up” with the actress in New York on Monday night after she attended the Met Gala.

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