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Jody Linscott was born in the United States, but went to England on a holiday in 1971 and never returned.

Meet Finn Earl (Anton Yelchin), 15, whose father is absent. But he sees him and hears him via the collection of home movies sent from South America.

Rumors of a theatrical or DVD release have popped up now and then, but all proved unfounded. But it also has elements of comedy and tragedy, as well as mystery. But its high production values, big budget feel, and star caliber cast seem at odds with the indie label. And, perhaps, that's why it's been "lost." It defies categorization.

A massage therapist, Mom has catered to a wealthy client, Ogden C.

Obviously some creative editing has been performed on the original source.

Note that Pete's introduction of David prior to 'Love On The Air' is exactly the same as his intro for 'Blue Light'.

Another date was scheduled for Brixton, but was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Highlights of the recording have been broadcast in various media, including the "King Biscuit Flower Hour." David sang two of his own songs: 'Love on the Air' and 'Blue Light', while John Bundrick performed 'Midnight Lover'.

After seeing a poster at the African Centre in Covent Garden for "Mustapha Tete Ade – Master Drummer from Ghana," she took the drum to his rhythms class to learn African rhythms.