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Intimidating guy

That's super intimidating." Your dating past may even come to play: "Women who have dated successful men in the past are intimidating," Mike added. Marc says, “Older women are 100% more intimidating than women my own age because they have more experience.” Timothy explains, "if you find a girl intimidating, you have to match their confidence with more overconfidence to make you feel like you are on the same playing field." Dr.

He adds, “On the other hand, I’ve heard men brag about their female counterpart’s earning capacity and brilliance.” To sum it up, if a guy is particularly intimidated by you because of your career, your looks, or the money you make it could be that you need to check your ego. Do you boast about your accomplishments a bit too much?

But, your intimidation factor could also just be a serious a reflection of his lack of embracing societal changes for women. Guys don't mince words when it comes to attributes they find intimidating, and what I learned from them is that intimidation isn’t always perceived as a bad thing.

I feel open and ready to genuinely explore the possibilities with curiosity.