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Collectivists are first and foremost approval seekers, who care about their image and what others think of them.

It is vital to understand that collectivism is a totally different concepts from egalitarianism, socialism or communism.

Individualistic people can also be more entrepreneurial and economically liberal, but only if their uncertainty avoidance is low at the same time.

Collectivist people care more about personal ties, belonging to a group, feeling accepted and respected within the group, but tend to be more clannish too and to distrust people outside their group.

Strongly individualistic people leave the parental home at a younger age, would rather choose to live alone than with a flat mate, have a higher divorce rates, are more flexible about moving to another city or country, and prefer travelling by themselves than with a group or organised tour.

Individualists are motivated by self-improvement (their own ego) rather than by the approval or respect from others.

This is because the USA, Canada or Australia were all individualistic societies to start with that they could become the cosmopolitan immigration countries that they are now.