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Hermaphordite dating

One suggested interpretation draws directly on the relation between Ovid’s myth and the powers of water and amorous coupling, as well as on Leonardo da Vinci’s Without denying this possibility, we should recognize other possibilities as well, as limiting ourselves to them would make the presence of the Twelve Caesars incoherent and out of place.

The Dauphin’s Treasure entered the Royal Museum in 1839, but was again stolen in 1918.

Once again, this brings us to the though of Marsilio Ficino, which was enormously influential in Milan’s cultured circles.

That, in turn, does not rule out a third perspective -a political one that may be related to the Spanish Habsburgs- as the conquest of the seas is an image of the great empires.

Influenced by his father, he began collecting at an early age, acquiring his works in a variety of manners, including gifts and purchases at auctions.