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For non-Muslim women, ISIS rule means persecution and no legal protection at best.

The focus of my project was whether vulnerable groups—namely women, children, and the elderly—were being given adequate care.

Alongside my formal mandate, I was able to witness the conditions and difficulties of the Syrian refugees by visiting the informal tent settlements.

One 12-year-old Yazidi girl who escaped from ISIS described being bound and repeatedly raped by an Islamic State fighter.

Women have been stoned to death in ISIS-held areas.

Yazidi clerics have spoken against honor killings, and this seems to have had some effect in halting the practice, but the stigma and its social consequences remain.

While disparities between men and women remain in much of the third world, nowhere has a governing authority undertaken such a systematic and flagrant attempt to abolish the very notion of women’s rights as ISIS has.

Lebanon will not allow camps on its territory, as it sees this as granting refugees a right of residence that will make the Syrians’ presence permanent.