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Formview itemupdating parameters

First add it to the container definition (a Form View in this example): You can do a lot of cool stuff in the Item Command procedure, but here we’re going to focus on a common problem: calculating fields before saving to the database.

The Edit Item Template will contain Text Box controls by default.

The Text Box controls provide basic data entry support for editing a record.

Here are the steps: The last steps require that you bind the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to the Customer IDData Source and the Selected Value to the original source's Customer ID.

The Item Command also applies to objects like the Form View, and adds a lot of flexibility to your applications.

In practical terms this means that you’ll probably be writing this value to a bound control.

Since we only want to mark an application as retired once, we’ll instead stick this value in a bound field, and it will be “remembered” even when we don’t supply it: All we had to do here is find the control (a Hidden Field) and stuff in the value.

These will be different for a Data List or other objects – that code can generally be found in the MSDN Library.