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I feel so good while he slamming himself into me Oh my god, boss I can’t believe you’re doing this to me When we finish I know that I look at him a little bit shy but not embarrassed at all and I said to him “how does my hair look” and he tells me “looks like you just got freshly fucked miss Rebecca time to get back to work “ he zips himself up, grabs his high ball glass and walks out. I return silently to the Halloween Office Party, my soaking wet panties in one hand, two empty punch cups in the other.

I took off my coat exposing my tone and sexy arms to, as I turned back to innocently look at you.

Your wife all sweaty from a workout, wearing those tight yoga pants that make her legs look so long and incredible. Her big, strong, sexy trainer pulling her into one of the massage rooms. Of course, this encounter was not a one-time thing. My lil pussy would tickle again with the wicked thoughts I was having.

Your wife feels like a character in one her romance novels. His lips were so taunting, and he would lick them now and then.

The touch of a this man’s hands on her hips is enough to push her over to the wild side. I could feel that bulge growing in his pants and I was curious. “Emma…undo my pants sweetie” My slender fingers complied as my heart sped up more. I didn’t care but wanted whatever he was going to show me. I told you that each time we are in a room I get hot. I knew that you’d be all mine by the end of the night!