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Dating sextreme

27 of those 34 sites have different themes, nine are live show archive sites, again on various themes , there is one interviews site, a site for all the HD movies and one for the ‘classics’, so not only have you got a lot of variety on offer, you've also got live shows.

NALive is included in your membership, you can sign up for an account for free and I assume you then get to access everything as I didn’t see and ‘upgrade’ option. You can’t grumble about the value of your membership here.

Good light, sound and camerawork and excellent performances, natural and down to earth.

Images were available in a choice of resolutions too, with good sized pictures opening up and being sharp and clear.

This site has been around a very long time and some of the content dates back quite a way, so you may not always have these choices and this quality on offer.