Start Dating parenting tweens 9 12

Dating parenting tweens 9 12

She used films like as vehicles for discussion “for me to speak with Rachael about alcohol, parties and sex.

Lang prefers “yes means yes,” over the “no means no” idea.

She wants young people to understand “that it needs to be ‘yes’ for her, and a ‘yes’ for him, and that if there’s no ‘yes,’ it’s not OK in terms of any kind of sexual activity. It’s a ‘no.’ Any kind of incapacitation is an automatic ‘no.’” She wants young people to learn to “check in” with their partners, every step of the way.

“As they get older and have their own opinions, I continue to learn.

For example, Rachael is currently teaching me about how society views rape and consent and how we need much better education on these matters,” Washburn says.

” There are few aspects of parenting more universally terrifying than talking to kids about sex.

Most parents tackle this topic gradually, trying to keep the discussion positive, informative and age-appropriate.

In reality, parents are never necessarily done talking to their kids about these issues.