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Dating ages and laws in albama

This section contains all the information about our authentication fees, guarantees, return policies, your rights as a customer and the rights of the owners of the artifacts and arrowheads that are listed on this site for sale.

THIS SPOOL WAS FOUND IN MIAMI COUNTY OHIO AND IS MADE FROM QUARTZITE. These are the oldest artifacts to be found in the United States that date back to 14000 B. This section contains artifacts and arrowheads such as Dovetail, Kirk, Benton, Pin tree and other related artifacts specific to the Archaic time period which lasted for over 7000 years.

One major characteristic of the Archaic Period was the introduction of "notching" to the arrowheads and since the period covers such a broad time span, more different "types" of arrowheads can be attributed to this era than any other This section contains relics such as Hopewell, Adena, Platform Pipes, Tube Pipes, Intrusive Mound and other related artifacts specific to the Woodland Period are collectively grouped for the whole North American Continent.

This awakened a passion in me and a curiosity about those mysterious ancient Indians that once thrived in a wild place during ancient times.