Start Dating love ru email 2016

Dating love ru email 2016

Armored Warfare and Skyforge are now among our highest revenue generating games and in Q2 Armored Warfare was licensed out for operation in China. However user retention, especially on the international side has been lower than expected.

In H1 we launched the new smart (algorithmic) newsfeed which has been well received by users and led to a significant increase in views and engagement.

4 out of 5 users who tried the new smart newsfeed keep using it demonstrating positive user feedback and the adoption rate is already about 60% of the total audience.

H1 2016 Performance Highlights Commenting on the results of the Company, Dmitry Grishin, Chairman and CEO (Russia) of Mail.

Ru Group Limited (LSE: MAIL, hereinafter referred as "the Company" or "the Group"), one of the largest Internet companies in the Russian-speaking Internet market, today releases unaudited interim condensed consolidated IFRS financial statements reviewed by an independent auditor and provides the following unaudited segment financial information and key operating highlights for the six months ended 30 June 2016.

In IVAS, we continue to focus on fine tuning the IVAS mechanics especially on mobile, and hence increasing paying user penetration.

However we have not yet achieved suitable mobile monetisation.

We will monitor the progress of these standalone apps and continue to develop internally the underlying technologies that might also be utilized by various communication products of the Company.