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What have you done for them that other dating coaches and writers haven’t? I don’t bullshit them, I respect their intelligence, I treat them like I would like to be treated. I’ve heard coaches talk about how they can’t stand the people they work with and I think it goes back to what you put out.

It’s hard enough to simply enjoy an interaction with a beautiful woman without worrying about the outcome.

Coming from a school of thought that emphasizes the lay as the ultimate success, again, makes it that much more difficult. After coaching for a decade and answering all of the questions about dating that I had set out to answer, I no longer have the same passion for the work and have decided to step away from it for the moment.

That gem of a photo up above dates back to 2008, when we were in the thick of our coaching misadventures.

For those who don’t know the history, Nick Sparks is the author of the recently released bestselling book, , which hit #1 in it’s Amazon categories in less than 24 hours of it’s launch. I mean, my work has been validated enough through all the success I’ve had coaching, but to be able to help such a dramatically wider group of men — many who weren’t able to afford coaching with me — has simply been incredible.

The same could be said for the meat of the sexual stuff — easy to talk around, tough to nail down.

Same goes for the core idea that runs through this book: letting go of the outcome and staying with the feelings of the moment.

Hinge works to connect people within their career networks, meaning that more Amazon employees may be more likely to be on the dating app, just because of sheer size.