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William buys more guns and teaches Ned, Dan, and Willie to shoot.

At the end of a nerve-wracking week for the Thornhills, the Aborigines disperse of their own accord.

With a show of bravado, William leaves the hut to sneak up on the Aborigines' camp and see what is going on.

William's suspicions are confirmed when he sees the Aborigines covered in what he thinks is war paint.

Aborigines from all along the Hawkesbury pour into Thornhill's Point for a ceremonial gathering.

However, the Thornhills do not know that the gathering is a peaceful ritual.

The attack on the Webbs is one of many by the Aborigines on the white settlers during the spring of 1814. The Aborigines are fighting back against the settlers' encroachment on their land.

The British government decides to put an end to the Aboriginal attacks and sends a regiment led by Captain Mc Callum to deal with the 'native problem.' The regiment stops at Thornhill's Point before setting out on their campaign.

Only the original clan remains on Thornhill's Point.