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Beth jackson dating

A package of proposals unveiled Thursday by female lawmakers would help women in California achieve equitable pay and expand family-leave job protections, as well as earmark more state funds for child care and for helping children on welfare.

“It is much needed and overdue in my opinion.”A call for change originated following revelations that the Okaloosa County School District had conducted an investigation into allegations of a special education teacher’s mistreatment of children and then done nothing when some of the charges were confirmed.“We have all read and seen in the past few months the negligence and blatant disrespect for parents and children by the Okaloosa County School District,” Felix said in the message accompanying her petition.

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“The fact that any child has to go to school and fear for their well-being is disgusting.”The controversy over the investigation has grown with revelations the district disregarded its findings and filed the final report and its recommendations away for more than a year without ever notifying the parents of alleged victims that an inquiry had been conducted.