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Depending on which i Phone 6 model you have—a 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus—your smartphone likely cost you at least a few hundred dollars, and you probably take it everywhere, so protecting it with a case makes a whole lot of sense.

That number spans multiple generations of Apple devices, from the i Phone 4 to the i Pad mini 4 and everything in between.

I’ve probably handled more i Phone cases than almost anyone on the planet, so I have a particularly experienced perspective and depth of knowledge when it comes to these products.

Months before Apple even announced its larger phones, we began looking for i Phone 6 cases, communicating with companies about their plans and even testing a few early review samples.

On the new phones, the camera is repositioned, and the ports array along the bottom is slightly different.

If you want a case for your i Phone 7 or 7 Plus, we have a guide for that, too.

In general, we look for cases that can adequately protect an i Phone without adding too much bulk or unnecessary embellishments.

Apple’s guidelines for case developers espouse a similar philosophy when it comes to protection versus usability: “A well-designed case will securely house an Apple device while not interfering with the device’s operation.” The document then gets into details such as from how high of a drop (1 meter) the case should protect your phone, which components the case can and cannot block, and the requirements for the size and shape of the various openings.