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Key among these is China’s growing reach across the South China Sea.

However, what was thought to be merely another campaign in a distant galaxy turned out to spell doom for the entire state.

The occupation of distant Cyrandia colonies by the Empire was a predictable outcome - lamentable, but an understable loss in a war.

The creation of Imperial Terrae serves two purposes, one immediate, the other more long-term.

The first is to create a base of operations for Imperial activity in Plazith Rim in general and in the Orion Arm in particular, and to form a foothold which would provide the Imperial war machine with soldiers and resources and from which further military incursions could be made.

Carter, who was expected to speak to the press later Friday, has repeatedly stressed that the US military will ignore Beijing’s contentious South China Sea claims, and keep operating in waters and airspace surrounding the islands.

“The United States would like to help all our nations see more, share more, and do more to keep Southeast Asia’s vital waterways open and secure,” Carter said. And we want to make sure that our position in the region is solid for the next president.” The Pentagon chief was due to meet privately with all 10 defense ministers, including the Philippines’ Delfin Lorenzana.

To give credit to the Terrans, however, one should keep in mind that it was not all their fault.

Long before the war in Cyrannus even started, the e-democracy of the Allied Terran Republic has been corrupted from the inside.

Under his quisling regime, personal and political freedoms have been swept away, private life placed under strict surveillance, and collaborateurs given free reign to commit brutal atrocities against the common people so as to keep the populace in check.

Despite the brutality of the regime, however, opposition to the occupation exists, in form of the Terran Insurgency, a resistance movement operating both from the Allied Republic's frontier regions as well as from hideouts in the occupied territories where partisan movements grow.

Pentagon Chief Ashton Carter met with Southeast Asian defense ministers to discuss regional security issues and reassure them America’s “rebalance” to Asia will continue under the next US administration.