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Addison dating private practice

Recurring characters: Wes Brown as Ryan Carrigan Episode number: 09 Original air date: November 17, 2011 Plot: After the devestating outcome of her spiral, Amelia begins her 50 days in rehab while trying to overcome her grief and her addiction and bonds with an 18 year old patient who also has a history of drug abuse.

I kind of liked being the Wicked Witch from the East. [Show creator] Shonda [Rhime's] really gifted at flipping every character that's seemingly awful.

It will be very emotional for fans and very satisfying." The series finale, fittingly titled "In Which We Say Goodbye," airs Jan.

The season featured 10 actors credited in a starring capacity.

Charlotte and Cooper attempt to make amends in their relationship while Violet tries to adapt to her new role and Pete turns to Sheldon for help in overcoming his sudden distance from Violet. J Langer as Erica Warner and Griffin Gluck as Mason Warner Episode number: 04 Original air date: October 20, 2011 Plot: The case of an Addison and Jake's amnesiac pregnant patient who's husband intends to leave her after the baby is born hits impacts on all of the doctors, but none more so than Addison whose worry about Sam leaving her after she has her own child increases.

Violet and Sheldon come to blows over his treatment of her former patients while Cooper and Charlotte attempt to come to terms with the arrival of Erica and Cooper's son but their differeing reaction to the situation cause a divide between them. J Langer as Erica Warner and Griffin Gluck as Mason Warner Episode number: 02 Original air date: October 27, 2011 Plot: Addison begins in vitro fertilization without telling Sam and struggles to cope with the effect that the hormone inbalance has on her emotions while Sam and Violet treat a patient who won't take his anti-psychotic meds shedding light on Sam's desire to not have another child and forces Violet to realize the impact her suspension has had on her former patients.

Meanwhile, when Amelia's friend returns to town asking for help ending her life, her resolve to stay sober is questioned. J Langer as Erica Warner and Griffin Gluck as Mason Warner Episode number: 06 Original air date: November 3, 2011 Plot: In the wake of her friend's death, Amelia falls further off the wagon and into the darkness while, as Charlotte attempts to show her tough love she is reminded of painful memories of her own tragic past.

Addison takes one step closer to motherhood when she chooses a sperm donor while Cooper faces a difficult decision when he discovers the lenghts a parent will go to to make their child a sucsess, making him reflect on his own relationship with Mason.

Amelia tries to prove to Charlotte that she's sober and ready to return to work while Pete begins to direct his post-heart attack frustrations towards Violet.