Start A devotional for dating or engaged couples

A devotional for dating or engaged couples

However, a year or longer was never an option for us.

(A similar, though more technical/scientific/clinical book is Intended for Pleasure.) This book was recommended to me no fewer than five times during my engagement, and I can see why. The book is set up in chapters with prayer topics that a wife can pray for her husband like “His Health,” “His Integrity,” “His Reputation,” “His Work,” and “His Past.” Each chapter contains a short inspirational story related to the topic as well as a page-long prayer to recite and related Bible verses.

It could certainly be read through from start to finish, but I think it’s better used as a reference to look up topics based on your husband’s prayer needs (or your own need to let go of a particular area of his life).

It is clear that the author has done his research and presents accurately what makes men and women tick when it comes to physical intimacy, which is both affirming and insightful.

I would certainly recommend this to engaged couples (clearly), but married couples could benefit from it as well.

The author has her master’s degree from Harvard, which is evidenced by her clear, concise writing and thorough research.

I learned a lot about the way men view marriage as well as what I can do/how I can communicate with Riley as his wife. I was reading Jennifer Smith’s blog when I noticed that she was looking for bloggers to review her newest devotional, Wife After God: 30 Day Devotional in exchange for that book and another she had written.

) I read this book sitting on the beach in June, the month before I walked down the aisle.