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Additionally, our in-house moderation team responds as quickly as possible to any flagged or reported chats." Opening up community creation will no doubt help to accelerate Amino's already impressive growth.

My Reddit feed features a lot of short posts with links to content elsewhere on the web.

You could download a core Amino app that collected all its communities together and made it easy to switch between them.

But even though it would be far simpler to use that single core app, Amino says most users who follow multiple topics still use the dedicated apps for each one instead.

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the web, with more than 200 million registered users generating over 8 billion page views a month.

It allows anyone to create a hub focused on a specific topic, a community where users can share images, links, and thoughts.

Most Amino posts are self-contained and are often quite long.

Passionate Amino users are even creating their own knowledge base inside these apps, like a Wikipedia-style database covering Korean pop artists, groups, and songs.

And while most discussion on Reddit happens in the comments under posts or in a daily comment thread, Amino apps have dozens of live chat rooms where users go to banter on various topics.