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Consequently, if direct aggression is a factor in the decline of Reds, it is certainly not considered to be the primary one.

One particular discussion on an Internet board to which I subscribed left me wondering if the Grey squirrels had got together and instigated a against our Nutkin!

What’s more interesting about these declines is that they seem to -- at least in part -- correspond to the introduction and range expansion of an alien species from North America.

The Grey squirrel (, is only distantly related to it.

Why are some squirrels of the same species different colours? It appears that loss of habitat, disease and competition with the larger Grey squirrels are all factors.

Some areas have seen declines in Reds that closely match the spread of the Grey, while the two species have co-existed for years together in other parts of the country.

Conventionally, the idea that Grey squirrels may out-compete Reds has maintained a large following.

Various authors have presented data showing how the Grey squirrel is better adapted to a life in deciduous stands than the Red.

Content Updated: 26th January 2014 QUESTIONS: Why is the Red squirrel declining in the UK?